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StealthSurfer II PrivacyStick

Cyber-Rights.Net Announces StealthSurfer Affiliation

StealthSufer II

StealthSurfer II PrivacyStick now comes Cyber-Rights.Net enabled!

StealthSurfer II PrivacyStick could be used to prevent Identity Theft and protect your job, career and family when surfing the web. Anonymous surfing lets you keep web bookmarks, internet history, cache, and email off the computer and with you for convenience, privacy, and security.

StealthSurfer II PrivacyStick offers comprehensive protection of personal information, credit card numbers, and financial transactions from online snoops. Tiny enough to carry on a keychain, and bundled with its own high-speed browser, the USB 2.0 flash drive plugs into the USB port of a computer and allows users to surf the Web with total privacy.

StealthSurfer II comes bundled with Firefox, ThunderBird, Anonymizer and RoboForm, and is compatible with Cyber-Rights.Net. Users can login to their Cyber-Rights.Net accounts directly by using the StealthSurfer II PrivacyStick.

  • Your computer automatically records every move you make! Anyone with basic computer knowledge can view where you've been on the Web.

  • Deleting this information does not permanently remove it from your computer nor does emptying your Recycle Bin. Even clearing your browser's cache and Internet history files will not fully remove lingering data. Privacy and cleansing software also risk leaving data remnants on your hard drive and are not 100% efficient!

  • The only way to truly ensure privacy is to keep your files and data close at hand. With StealthSurfer, you take your browser and all other sensitive information with you when you leave your computer. Should your StealthSurfer fall into unwanted hands, password protection maintains your data s privacy and security.

StealthSurfer II Features include:
  • Password protected USB flash drive
  • IP masking with Anonymizer
  • Secure user ID/password management with RoboForm
  • ALL files, history and cookies get cached on the flash drive
  • USB v2.0 for fast and easy access - no installation required
  • Available in capacities of 256MB, 512MB, 1 Gigabyte, and 2 Gigabytes!

Click here on how to order StealthSurfer II.

Warning: The Cyber-Rights.Net mail system offers Internet users free, anonymous e-mail accounts(*). As such there are people who may abuse this and use the system to defraud others. Please, be cautious in your Internet transactions!

(*) Cyber-Rights.Net also offers premium accounts subject to a fee.
For your information please read the Cyber-Rights.Net Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement.

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