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About Cyber-Rights.Net

Following the introduction of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, security and privacy of communications has become a real concern for Internet users in the UK. Restrictive measures for intercepting all forms of communications are also included within the Council of Europe's CyberCrime Convention 2001 and therefore concerns for private communications extend to an international stage. For raising public awareness of these important policy issues and to encourage Internet users to use secure and encrypted communications, Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) decided to launch the Cyber-Rights.Net project based upon the Hushmail technology.

Both organisations are committed to the protection of private communications over the Internet. The project was fully supported by Hush Communications for an initial period of three months beginning from November 2000. During this time, any Internet users obtained free accounts through the website and started using secure web based e-mail. This initial period was extended and until November 2002 Cyber-Rights.Net offered completely free services to Internet users.

On 29 November, 2002, Cyber-Rights.Net project ( powered by the Hush Encryption engine™ has been re-launched by Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) in collaboration with Hush Communications. On that date, the Cyber-Rights.Net system has been upgraded successfully to Hush engine version 2.2. This up-to-date version of Hush uses industry standard algorithms as specified by the OpenPGP standard (RFC 2240) to ensure the security, privacy and authenticity of your email. With Cyber-Rights.Net mail, users need only create and remember their own passphrases, and the secure Hush server does the rest. Encryption and decryption are transparent to the user.

In version 2.2 the following changes and additions were made:

  • Cyber-Rights.Net and HushMail are compliant with the OpenPGP secure email standard
  • There is a great new look and feel to Cyber-Rights.Net
  • The menu commands are now context sensitive
  • It's now easy to manage your storage space with graphical display of quota usage
  • It's now easy to archive your emails and organise your folders
  • It's now easy to manage, save or delete attachments
  • You now have online document storage integrated with your account
  • It's now easy to print your emails
  • There are new Spam fighting features included with your account

Users of the Cyber-Rights.Net system will also be able to use the Hush Tools service ( which allows powerful encryption and digital signature operations to be performed from any computer on the Internet, anywhere in the world. The Hush Tools allows users to sign in and encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify text and files. It also allows users of OpenPGP systems to upload and download public keys, providing an easy means of secure communication between Cyber-Rights.Net/Hush users and all other OpenPGP users.

From Friday, 29 November, 2002 Cyber-Rights.Net modified its services and start offering both free and Premium accounts and services. Therefore, there are currently two different accounts offered by the Cyber-Rights.Net service:

(1) FREE Cyber-Rights.Net Accounts

Cyber-Rights.Net will continue to provide free email to users, but will make the following service changes:

  • In-active accounts will be disabled after 3 weeks. The accounts can be re-activated by upgrading to premium status.
  • New accounts created will be created with a 2 megabyte quota.
  • Existing account quotas will be dropped to 2 megabytes. Existing users will be given three weeks to manage their quotas down to 2 megabytes, after that time, the users email in excess of quota will be bounced.
  • There will be one popunder advertisement a session advertising the premium service.
  • Hush will provide the Cyber-rights users with secure online storage, both free and paid users will have access to this new facility from Hush.
  • Free users will continue to be able to change their preferences and will be able to use the Hushtools.

(2) PREMIUM Cyber-Rights.Net Accounts

The premium paid service will have the following characteristics:

  • Paid accounts will have a 32,64,96,128 megabyte storage quota depending on the service upgrade chosen
  • There will be no account disabling
  • There will be no advertising
  • There will be access to customer support provided by Hush.
  • There will be access to all of the user preferences

The users will have four different payment options for upgrades:

  • Credit Card (online and automatic upgrade)
  • Pay Pal (online and upgrade effected within 48 hours, usually within 6):
  • E-Gold (online and upgrade effected within 48 hours, usually within 6)
  • Money Order.

The following charges would apply in relation to the premium service:

  • 32 megabyte premium account US$29.99
  • 64 megabyte premium account US$49.99
  • 96 megabyte premium account US$69.99
  • 128 megabyte premium account US$89.99

A percentage of the paid upgrade charges will be received by Cyber-Rights.Net and by upgrading you will be supporting the existence and maintenance of both the Cyber-Rights.Net project and Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) as an organisation.

Dr. Yaman Akdeniz, the Director, Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) stated that:

"We launched Cyber-Rights.Net in November 2000 with the intention of raising public awareness of issues surrounding the security and privacy of online communications, and to encourage Internet users to use and rely on secure communications. With the assistance of Hush Communications, the Cyber-Rights.Net system has now been upgraded and is OpenPGP compliant. States and state bodies continue to interfere with the privacy of communications over the Internet. More and more surveillance powers are being introduced by nation-states and the legislation of numerous states fail to comply with international human rights standards on privacy. Cyber-Rights.Net will continue to promote privacy of communications especially in the absence of clearly defined conditions and safeguards protecting the privacy of communications in homes and in working environments. Cyber-Rights.Net will remain as an additional tool for concerned Internet users when securing their communications."

According to Mr. Benjamin Cutler, the Chief Executive Officer for Hush Communications, "Hush has always strongly supported grass-roots and other organisations promoting privacy and security as tools of ensuring Human rights and civil liberties. The goal of our company has always been to bring the privacy benefits of strong encryption to the widest possible user-base and we are very pleased that this new partnership arrangement with Cyber Rights will enhance our ability to do just that. By offering a wider choice of account options, Hush and Cyber Rights will address the needs of a greater number of potential users and maximise the use of our privacy solutions World-wide.

About Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)

Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) (, is a non profit organisation established to protect the interests of all honest, law abiding Internet users with the aim of promoting free speech and privacy on the Internet. It was founded in 1997 and has been actively involved with the Internet policy making process of the UK government, the European Union, Council of Europe, OECD, and the United Nations.

About Hush Communications

Hush Communications Corporation is a premier provider of secure Internet communications worldwide. Hush's core technology, the Hush Encryption Engine, enables virtually unbreakable encryption that is seamless and transparent to the user, resulting in unmatched ease-of-use coupled with an exceptionally high level of security. The technology is adaptable to a wide variety of Internet communications and applications. Hush Communications Corporation is a U.S. company with subsidiary companies located in Dublin, Ireland; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Austin, Texas, and is the provider of HushMail.Com, HushMail Private Label and HushPOP, with worldwide headquarters based in Dublin, Ireland.

Cyber-Rights.Net is grateful to SoftCom Technology Consulting, Canada and MyHosting.Com for web hosting the project since its launch in November 2000.

Cyber-Rights.Net would like to thank Surux Limited who developed and maintain the website.

Warning: The Cyber-Rights.Net mail system offers Internet users free, anonymous e-mail accounts(*). As such there are people who may abuse this and use the system to defraud others. Please, be cautious in your Internet transactions!

(*) Cyber-Rights.Net also offers premium accounts subject to a fee.
For your information please read the Cyber-Rights.Net Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement.

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