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Cyber-Rights.Net Outlook Plugin

Cyber-Rights.Net Outlook IMAP Plugin Launched!

Premium Cyber-Rights users are now able to use secure IMAP access through their favourite desktop email clients. Please note that the IMAP service has an additional cost. But users will be able to send and receive email securely with their Cyber-Rights account using Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail for OS X and more.

Information on IMAP Access for Cyber-Rights.Net (includes instructions for multiple clients) is available through: Online Help - IMAP Access Information

Through these pages you can find information on how to setup Cyber-Rights IMAP access for Eudora, Mac OS X Mail, Netscape, Outlook 2000, Outlook XP & 2003, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird. You can also find information about how to send cyber-rights mail using these clients as well as information on how to read encrypted cyber-rights mail through these clients. Encryption software such as PGP, PGPI, Enigmail, GNU privacy Guard may be needed if you are not using Outlook.

Information about the Outlook Plugin for Cyber-Rights.Net is available through:
Online Help - Outlook Plugin Information

Cyber-Rights for Outlook allows Cyber-Rights users to generate and verify digital signatures, and send/receive encrypted email from their desktop using Outlook. Cyber-Rights for Outlook is currently free to download and use for Cyber-Rights accounts with Premium and IMAP subscriptions. This software is compatible with Outlook 2000, Outlook XP, and Outlook 2003.

The Outlook Plugin for Cyber-Rights.Net can be downloaded through:

Additional Help
Once enabled, premium users with IMAP enabled will be able to access their IMAP settings using the preferences menu through the web mail accounts. Additionally, if the users click on the help section within the Cyber-Rights web mail system they will get access to the pages mentioned above.

Outlook plug-in users are able to click on the cyber-rights logo that shows up in the plug-in, click on help and get cyber-rights branded help for the plug-in setup.

Warning: The Cyber-Rights.Net mail system offers Internet users free, anonymous e-mail accounts(*). As such there are people who may abuse this and use the system to defraud others. Please, be cautious in your Internet transactions!

(*) Cyber-Rights.Net also offers premium accounts subject to a fee.
For your information please read the Cyber-Rights.Net Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement.

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