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Privacy - Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Privacy Policy, click here.

What personal information is required to sign up?

We do not ask for any personal information when you sign up for a free Cyber-Rights.Net account. If you choose to purchase a Premium account, we will need a credit card number and address. But alternative methods of payment such as PayPal, E-Gold, or money order is also provided.

How can I be sure that intruders or hackers cannot break into my email?

Hush has made its source code available for inspection and review, click here.

Does Hush/Cyber-Rights.Net have a "back door" that can be accessed by government agencies?

Email, which includes attachments, sent between Hush users is completely encrypted.

What if my message is subpoenaed?

Hush, like any company or individual, is legally bound to respond to court-issued subpoenas. However, because not even Hush can access the encryption keys of individual users, in the case of a subpoena Hush would only be able to provide the encrypted (coded) version of the transmitted email.

Warning: The Cyber-Rights.Net mail system offers Internet users free, anonymous e-mail accounts(*). As such there are people who may abuse this and use the system to defraud others. Please, be cautious in your Internet transactions!

(*) Cyber-Rights.Net also offers premium accounts subject to a fee.
For your information please read the Cyber-Rights.Net Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement.

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