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All Premium Accounts increased to 250mb
>> October 2006 - Cyber-Rights.Net Team

The past year has seen major network upgrades to improve our users' quality of service. Accordingly, we're happy to announce that storage for all paid (Premium) customers will be increased to 250 MB in the coming days, at no additional cost.

As of Monday, 9th October, 2006 storage for existing customers will be increased over a three day period. There will be no service interruption during this time, nor are users be required to take any action. Extra storage subscriptions will be discontinued for the foreseeable future, as we review pricing and infrastructure requirements.

Cyber-Rights.Net Update!
>> April 2006 - Cyber-Rights.Net Team

A year on from the last major site re-design, the site now has a number of updates: -

1) Domain

You can now choose between a or e-mail account. Following growth, this will make addition usernames available for registration.

2) Site Security Updates

SSL - Used to provide improved security by encrypting data sent between all sections of this site and end users. To utilise this feature please replace http with https in your internet browsers address bar or click the following link:

A security information section added to assist users and keep them aware of any issues or concerns. The site is also now using W3C compliant coding standards to offer the highest levels of compatibility.

3) IMAP E-Mail Access

Premium users are now able to use secure IMAP access through their favourite desktop email clients. Please note that the IMAP service has an additional cost. But users will be able to send and receive email securely with their Cyber-Rights account using Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail for OS X and more.

4) RoboForm Affiliation

RoboForm is an award-winning automated password manager and web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence. Cyber-Rights.Net has been testing this product for a while and it is the best password and form filler that we come across and we use this regularly. It is easy to use and comes both as a free and premium version and if you do use RoboForm your password management will be safer and you will also not run the risk of forgetting important passwords that may not be recoverable as in the case of Cyber-Rights.Net passwords.

5) StealthSurfer Affiliation

Stealthsurfer II is your key to portable, private surfing. It is the first hardware-based product that allows Internet users to hide surfing habits by concealing the URLs of sites visited and files downloaded. We have been testing the Stealthsurfer II product for a while and now we are excited to announce our affiliation with Stealthsurfer. See our Stealthsurfer pages for further information.

Cyber-Rights.Net Comparison Matrix

Feature Free Premium
Email Aliases: Send and receive email with unlimited email aliases. 
Secure Document Storage / File Sharing: Store your documents, and share them with other Hushmail users, securely!
250 Mb additional storage for email and documents** 
Spam Control: Allow lists, Block lists, and Challenge-Response verification using the Human Authenticator™
IMAP Access to retrieve mail from your Cyber-Rights.Net account 
Instant Messaging: Access to Hush Messenger, our encrypted instant messaging client
Mail retrieval from external POP3 accounts.
New email notification via Hush Messenger and email paging
Ability to send and receive large attachments 
Unlimited Contacts in Address book
Read Receipts, Auto-responders, Drafts, and Templates
Access to Hushtools, our encryption toolkit
Premium Technical Support 
Advertisement Free 
Online Help System
No Deactivation due to inactivity 
2048 bit encryption with full Open PGP support (including Twofish, TripleDES, and RIPEMD160
Digital signature verification and signing capability for email and attachments
End-to-End Encryption for Email and Attachments, and Secure Document Storage
Early or exclusive access to new products and features 
  Signup! Upgrade!
** Requires additional paid subscription
*** Requires additional paid subscription, and use of IMAP compatible email client

Warning: The Cyber-Rights.Net mail system offers Internet users free, anonymous e-mail accounts(*). As such there are people who may abuse this and use the system to defraud others. Please, be cautious in your Internet transactions!

(*) Cyber-Rights.Net also offers premium accounts subject to a fee.
For your information please read the Cyber-Rights.Net Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement.

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